aluminium bending

Professional bending in various states of hardness

aluminium punching

We are specialized in serial production punching of aluminium details

certificates ISO

Copal has the fallowing certifications - ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

certificates DIN EN

Copal has the fallowing welding certifications - DIN EN ISO 3834-2 and DIN EN 15085-2

press bending

We have roller, drawing and press bending in our offer


Aluminium bending

The combination of high technology and considerable experience enables us to bend complex aluminium profiles preserving high class of dimension tolerance together with a warranty of their recurrence.

We offer intermediate products manufactured by roller, mandrel and press bending techniques. We work on materials with various hardnesses ranging from T6 to T4. We perform bending on raw materials as well as anodised and lacquered material.

Companies from the following branches are among our customers:

• automotive parts
• railway
• rehabilitation
• furniture
• aluminium constructions for prams
• lighting
• construction
• exhibition constructions


In our attempt to meet the expectations of our partners, in addition to a series of various bending machines, our own tool-room and 20 years of experience in profile bending, we have supplemented our offer with aluminium profile ageing and ageing details after bending. If we are dealing with difficult aluminium bending, these are often T4 profiles that are the source material for bending (naturally aged). They lack full mechanical strength and it is then necessary to harden profiles (age them) to T6.

Copal is one of the few companies that has its own ageing furnace that supplements our offer in bending aluminium profiles.

The location of our factory in Poland allows us to provide efficient logistics throughout Europe.

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